Southeastern Pottery

by Joanna Underwood Blackburn

36" Height (3 ft)
This sculpture is available with or without a water fountain feature and each pot can be created separately.
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The water fountain features three southeastern style pots. Each of these pots —a Woodpecker Gourd Jar, Fish Effigy Pot and a Southeastern Style Bowl —is a modern representation of ancient clay vessels used by our ancestors in the homelands during the Mississippian Period. All of our pottery fulfilled a particular need whether ceremonial or utilitarian in nature. Clay pots carried water, and stored oil, seeds and nuts. They were used to cook food over an open fire and to assist in ceremonial activities. 

The Woodpecker Gourd Jar prominently features two woodpeckers on a gourd shaped pot. Pumpkins, squash and melons were important staples in our ancestor’s diet. The spiral design around the neck represents the wind and water—present throughout the never-ending cycle of life.

The Fish Effigy Pot represents the fish and all things associated with water. There were those among the clans known as the Hattak Nuni’ or “fish people.” They were expert anglers and their knowledge of waterways, navigation and freshwater plants and animals was unsurpassed. 

The Southeastern Style Bowl features a spiral water design around the rim and represents the style of pottery from our homelands in the Southeast.